Revolutionary, Safe, Sustainable
Insect Monitoring and Control

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SolaRid™ saves money and increases yields by identifying damaging insects in fields and correlating site temperatures for early detection.    

SolaRid™ provides tools that enable informed management decisions to decrease the use of insecticides and prevent expensive application mistakes.  

SolaRid™ captures samples of insects to identify species for farmers to “see” their problem, operating year-around, relentlessly reducing targeted insect populations. 

Automated and remotely controlled, SolaRid™  provides climate, soil moisture and insect monitoring in real-time.  



Vegetables, Grains, Perennial and Organic Farm Application

The SolaRid™ strategy provides daily counts and rate of change in insect populations, combined with Degree Day Temperature calculations for early detection.       


Protecting Specialty Fruit & Nut Crops in Orchards 

The SolaRid™ product combines exact light frequencies with pheromones to attract specific insect species in orchards. It is uniquely effective monitoring infestations when pheromone mating disruptors saturate large growing areas.  



Feed for Pasture Raised Poultry and Farm Raised Fish

SolaRid™ is used to harvest nocturnal, non-pollinating insect to feed poultry raised in pastures and farmed raised fish. Supplementing the protein in feed organically is a revolutionary concept improving the economics and quality of produce raised in free-grazing, natural farm practices.