Monitoring Moisture and Soil Conditions

SolaRid™ works with leading manufacturers of soil moisture and temperature probes to allow you to connect different types of sensors based on your farm’s requirements. Each qualified sensor placed in fields, identifies important water conditions, capacities and depletion based on your crop type. Information is collected by SolaRid™, processed and accessed on mobile devices or computers.

Too much water in the soil will wash away nutrients. Too little water will harm crop growth. Monitoring soil moisture allows farmers to make effective irrigation decisions and increases crop productivity.

Typically, moisture sensors can increase yields by more than 10% and decrease input cost by 20%, where payback period is less than one growing season.

Example of Summary Benefits of SolaRid’s’ Application:

  • Used to replace scouting in fields could reduce operating expenses by more than $10,000 annually and information, reduce at least one of several annual insecticide applications. Each application averaging more than $35 / acre and organic is more than $55.

  • SolaRid is designed to be effective across 10-acres with a design life of 10-years SolaRid™ can save $30,000 in crop loss from insect damage.

  • The SolaRid™ strategy increases yields,  reduces operating expenses and environmental impact of waste disposal and drives greater resource productivity.

The economic benefits of SolaRid™ far exceed the price of the device in the first year.