Vegetable, Grain, Perennial and Organic Crops


SolaRid™, is a standalone product and is portable.  It is easily moved to different fields as insect problems change across a growing season. 

While monitoring, SolaRid™ is duel-purposed in "Push-Pull” strategies used in organic farming. This method protects crops by intercropping susceptible crops between pest-repellant, “Push,” plant species. SolaRid’s attractants “Pull” the insects out of the field and eliminate them.

In a recent study, farmers who fully implemented the Push-Pull strategy reduced Fall Army Worm infestation and damage as much as 86%, with a 2.7-fold yield increase.


After harvest, SolaRid™ can be relocated in storage areas to monitor and control insects that can cause economic losses greater than what is experienced in the field.

SolaRid’s continuous operation works in-step with perennial crops which are alive and susceptible to insect damage throughout the year, harvested multiple times before dying. Perennial cropping reduces chemical runoff and top soil erosion, uses less freshwater and significantly reduces fossil fuel consumption. 

SolaRid’s attractants are effective over different distances. Light, however remains effective during changing weather conditions and over longer distances. The combined attractants are designed to control insect across a 5-to-10 acre area.