Specialty Fruit and Nut Trees in Orchards

In Orchards, Degree Day Temperature calculations support insect monitoring which provide early detection  of primary pests including the Navel Orangeworm and the Codling Moth.

SolaRid™ combines pheromones with kairomones, host plant volatiles, as attractants. Used together, they significantly improve the effectiveness of pheromones alone in attracting orchard pests.     

Attractive light frequencies are uniquely effective in monitoring pests in regions where orchard farmers saturate large growing areas with airborne mating disruptors, which render pheromones ineffective.    


Installed between farms using different levels of pest management practices, SolaRid™, creates a barrier, trapping damaging insects moving between blocks of orchards.

Operating throughout the year, SolaRid™ is particularly useful, post harvest, reducing overwintering insect populations in warmer growing climates required by many varieties of fruit and nuts trees.